Posted by: Beemer Bob | September 30, 2011

Hap Hazard

Well it seems that once I got home, I got involved with other things and failed to complete my trip report. I just plum forgot. I’m old, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

I will attempt to complete my trip report today, but first I wanted to bring everyone up to date on something.

Many folks that follow this blog either know my brother Hap (aka: Hap Hazard), either personally or know of him through this blog.

Last Friday (Sept. 23rd), Hap was involved in a fairly major incident while riding his motorcycle with some friends in the Moab area of Utah. The exact details of how it occurred are unknown but it seems he was coming around a turn on a narrow canyon dirt/gravel road when he encountered a jeep coming the other direction. Suffice it to say, the jeep prevailed.

His list of injuries included several broken ribs, fractured left wrist and left clavicle, punctured lung, punctured blader and most severe was a fractured pelvis.

He was brought to a nearby hospital that then transported him to Grand Junction, Co via helicopter. That hospital was not equipped to deal with the pelvis injury and was going to transport him to Denver. Thankfully, Hap had membership with a company called “MedJet Assist”, that then was able to intervene and have his transported to a major hospital in San Antonio (his home town) capable of doing the needed pelvic surgery via a Lear jet.

He underwent surgery Tuesday (Sept. 20) to put various hardware on his pelvis and to pin his fractured clavicle. His left wrist currently sports a cast but the punctured lung, bladder and and ribs are being left to heal themselves (with some assistance from tubes to provide temporary drainage and JB Weld to plug the holes )

He was in ICU until yesterday but has now been moved to a recovery semi-private room. Considering the extent of his injuries, he is in remarkable good spirits and enduring the pain and discomfort as well (if not better) than could be expected under these circumstances. They already have him on physical therapy and he is doing exceeding well at being able to get out of bed, etc. He’s a pretty tough ol’ bird.

It is expected that he will remain in the hospital for another 2 weeks and then will go home to begin a long road to recovery. The good news is that full recovery is expected, but it will just take a while.

Future riding? Hap states that he will most likely get back on the iron horse again but probably won’t stay for the rodeo.

I will admit that while I was getting news of these events, I was becoming pretty scared. This was a close call that I don’t want a repeat performance (for him or for me). I seriously thought I was going to lose my brother. This one scared me! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that it turned out as well as it did. I don’t pray much, but this was a prayer answered. Thank God he is OK (sorta).



  1. bob,
    most definately a tense incident. glad to hear hap will recover over time.
    as one who also has a brother and many friends that ride, I can appreciate the scare this has given you as it is something i hope I never have to deal with again. I nearly lost one of my riding mates a few years back. unconscious for 2 days.
    thanks for sharing the Medjet info. something I have been pondering for a while but this had sold me on it.
    take care

    • Yes, MedJet is well worth the money. They responded very quickly and very professionally. Can you imagine how hard it would have been on him and his wife if they had not transported him home? Additionally, they are also shipping his bike home although he won’t be riding it for a while. I could begin to guess the cost of a private Lear Jet with medical support person on board to whisk him home.

  2. My thoughts are with you and Hap. A pair of the most adventures soles I have met.

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