Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 23, 2011

Texas Tour of Honor, Segment 3

Some of you may remember (but perhaps not cared 🙂 ), last April I had entered in an event called “Tour of Honor” where the goal was to visit specified memorial sites throughout a state (usually 7 per state), then take pictures of your bike at the site.  The first person to complete all 7 won trophies but in April, we were in the middle of an ice storm here in Texas so I took a pass at trying to earn a trophy.

Instead, I decided to break the trip into 3 segments and by at least completing the task of visiting all the sites I would still earn a pin, a certificate and bragging rights.  Well I did the first two segments earlier this year snagging 5 of the 7 memorials.

Thinking I had plenty of time, I kept procrastinating until I realized the deadline was Oct 31st.  So, now in panic mode, I’m off to complete the remaining sites before the deadline.

The 2 sites remaining are the Permian Basin Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Midland, TX and the Texas Panhandle War Memorial in Amarillo, TX.

This is about a 3 day trip, but there is no telling how long it will take because of my inclination to take side trips seeking mischief and Lyekkas’s tendency to drop vital parts as we go down the highway.

I will try to post daily and of course pictures.  Be careful, I have a camera and I am not afraid to use it.

Remember you can follow my tracking by going to and then ‘clicking’ on the ‘where’s Waldo’ icon to see my current location.  I hope you are able to join me on this trip.

– Bob





    • All is good. I am home thanks a lot

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