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Two Slices of Pie (Full Trip Report)

Two Slices of Pie (A CDR Adventure)
To further my search for the perfect pie as well as some adventure I headed to Pie Town, NM for a rendezvous with some fellow members of Two Wheeled Texans (TWT). After a big slice of pie in Pie Town, NM on June 16th, 2012 (the date of the first annual Texas Invasion of Pie Town), I am planning to head up the Continental Divide thorough Colorado and a portion of Wyoming. Then to loop westerly and tour Moab. After Moab, my plan is to return to Pie Town for seconds on that Pie. This trip as planed will be about a two week trip.

A friend (Nadeem) and I will be trailering our rides to Pie Town. We plan to store our truck and trailer there and then we head north (after pie of course).

I once attempted to ride the CDR last year on a BMW R1200GS, starting at the Mexican border, but I only made it just a tad north of Grants, NM (Long story). This time I will be on a Ural with 2 wheel drive and setup for off-roading. I can pretty much go anywhere a dirt bike can go except single track. In addition to Nadeem and myself, we will also be bringing along Mr. Pie
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Mr. Pie is part of a “Pony Express” game within the TWT community. I was dubbed “IT” at the last TWT pie event, so now it is my duty to bring Mr. Pie along with me on my journeys until the next TWT pie event.
Mr. Pie checks out the sidecar and is ready to go.
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Mr. Pie’s motto is “Safety First”, so here he tests his new DOT approved crash dew rag.
In case of a mishap and he hits the pavement, the dew rag will keep his blueberries from spilling out.

As we plan our trip, we read about the fires in New Mexico/Colorado and Mr. Pie becomes concerned about the smoke engulfing many parts of those states. Mr. Pie is sensitive to smoke, so he procures some additional gear for protection.

As I was preparing to gather my stuff, I had a problem with my gear. I was going to bring my full face helmet, but it seems I had a problem with that helmet.
nestPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Oh well, it looks like I will bring my ¾ helmet.
***************************** DAY 1 **************************************
I meet up with my friend, Nadeem, in Fredericksburg. We transfer my trailer from my truck to his and my bride takes my truck and a credit card to go shop in Fredericksburg.
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The three of us hit the road. We had a boring ride through the nothingness called west Texas.
There are a lot of fires currently in New Mexico and Colorado. One of them is just south west of Roswell and we were going to route well around Roswell, but the reports were that the Roswell route was OK and that was the shortest route, so we forged ahead.
We push on and make it to Roswell by about 7. Check into a motel 6. Once we landed, Mr. Pie made a new friend.

Now it is time to go in search of nourishment.
The local McDonalds looked like a spaceship, and that was cool.

But Mr. Pie, being the snob he is, wanted better. A place called “Peppers Bar and Grill” was recommended by the motel desk clerk. Great hamburgers, seasoned fries and $4 mary-go-ritas.
Mr. Pie approved.

Mr. Pie had way too many mary-go-rittas and had to head back to the motel so he could go to bed.

G’nite Y’all
***************************** DAY 2 **************************************
I’m happy to report that Mr. Pie had a good night’s rest.

While in Roswell, we went in search of illegal aliens

We visit the UFO research center so Mr. Pie can get more info about the government’s coverup of the crash site and the aliens that visited us.

More aliens.

Time to hit the road. We push on. Mr. Pie had always wanted to see the big dishes at the “Very Large Array(VLA)”

If you are not familiar with the VLA, a short description is that a large array of dishes are used to “see” into space to study our universe. The sight, however, is based on radio frequencies outside of the optical spectrum.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We push onward to Pie Town.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We pull in to The Good Pie Café
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The owner graciously allowed us to park our truck and trailer at his restaurant.

We had a “lite” dinner.
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After our “lite” dinner. It was Pie Time.

We enjoyed a New Mexico Apple Pie. This apple pie includes green peppers and was surprisingly quite good. The above picture is actually one pie that we shared.

Mr. Pie flirted with all the wait staff.

And then there was this interesting looking man

With full tummies, we head to a place called “The Toaster House”. This is a hostel for those doing the Continental Divide. This is owned and maintained be a fantastic lady by the name of Nita. She had stopped by to replenish supplies.

It may not show well in the pictures, we are standing in the “Toaster Gate” So called because of all the toasters hanging on the fence and arch. I don’t know why.
A few pictures inside Toaster House.
Pikes Peak or Bust
Pikes Peak or Bust
Pikes Peak or Bust

We had a very enjoyable and relaxing stay at the Toaster House.

G’nite Y’all
***************************** DAY 3 **************************************
The rest of our TWT group was not going to be here until noonish, so we hung around the toaster house for a while.
There is no cell phone coverage in Pie Town so we headed over to the Pie-o-neer Cafe about 11 so we could tap into their wifi to check email, etc. BTW, there are two restaurants in Pie Town that are known for their pies. Today’s café is the other one.
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For those that read about my last trip (that failed), I had stopped here on my way up from the Mexican border on the continental divide BC (Before Crash). On that trip I had stopped here and I had mentioned that the waitress was cute. Later I was chastised for not getting a picture of the cute waitress. Well she was still there and Mr. Pie flirted with he so he could get her to hold him for this photo op.
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While we waited, we were presented with a task. Kathy (the owner and head pie maker), had two stainless bowls that she had stacked together but could not get them back apart. They had been working on this problem for quite some time, but no success.

At first Nadeem accepted the task, put he could not seem to get it out.

So he enlisted my help. We tugged and tugged.

Until finally …


We were both awarded with a free slice of pie for our efforts.

After a while we were getting hungry so we went ahead and had a slice of pie with the plan to order lunch once the gang showed up. After pie, we were still hungry and our group had not shown yet, so we went ahead and had lunch. After we finished lunch, the gang shows up and so we had ANOTHER slice of pie with our friends. Our goal for this trip was to have two slices of pie and now we have had 3 slices and we haven’t even started.

The gangs all here!
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After the lunch rush, Ms. Kathy (AKA: The Pie Lady) posed with some pies.

Sad moment here. It is time for Mr. Pie to move on. We had to pass him on for adventures with another. So sad. Bye by Mr. Pie. You will be missed.

Nadeem, poor guy, has gout in his ankle and he was starting to have a flare up. We decided that it was best for him to follow me in his truck and trailer north to Grants, NM. We would spend the night there and see how he felt in the morning.
So on to Grants. We check into a motel 6, I have wine, Nadeem takes pills.  By morning, Nadeem if feeling OK but is concerned that his ankle may give him problems if he rides but he wanted to go. So, we load all our stuff on the Ural and Nadeem rode monkey (in the sidecar tub).

Onward we go through hill and dale. Me driving, Nadeem holding on for dear life.
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Things are going good, but once or twice, Lyekka over heated so we had to stop and let her rest up a bit. Notice Lyekka’s load. She is a pack-horse.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Our first stop is the “Crash Site”. No, not aliens but me.
In August of 2010 I was attempting to travel the Continental Divide culminating with a ride up Pike’s Peak. But I crashed at this site and cracked my sternum and hyper extended my rib cage that prevented me from being able to pick up by bike much less ride out. I was in McKinley County, NM but this counry did not have anyone competent enough to find me despite the fact that I carry a spot tracing device that provided them with the exact GPS location. I ended up in the open 19 hours until I was rescued by some fellow riders and the NM state police. I went to this location to see how hard it was to find. I entered the coordinates into my GPS and was routed straight there. Conclusion: The officials of McKinley County are morons.
Following are a few pictures from my previous encounter with this spot.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Well, here I am at the same location with my hack. Notice, however, that the road has since been graded. The grader operators could find this road, but not McKinley county rescue?
We deposited a geocache of sorts near this location and will soon be posting a “Are you smarter than McKinley County?” challenge soon.
The rest of the day was fun and frustrating at the same time. When I had crashed previously, I was attempting to route around what showed on my routing to be a washed out area. The route that I took, was actually worse than the actual CD route Anyway, we were now off the CD route and not wanting to turn around where thought “surely, we could keep heading north east and rejoin the correct route” Surely. We went this way and that way. Every route we took was met with some sort of obstacle. A river, a deep ravine, a fence, always something. Then we started having lots of problems with Lyekka. She would run great for a while, then overheat and shut down. We got to the point where we could ride for about 5 – 10 min and then have to wait an hour for her to cool down.
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Interesting old building.

As we traveled north we would be on roads that the GPS map said did not exist and then there were roads shown on the GPS map that did not exist. Sometimes we were just riding though open fields looking for a way to get to the main route.

We came upon this river crossing and we debated back and forth as to whether or not we should attempt to cross.

We found a section of the river that looked passable (50/50 chance) and we were going to try it but we were not sure that was not going to be another one of the roads that go nowhere and the return way at the crossing looked worse. So we kept on trying to find a way back to the main route.

The ravine you see in the background was our problem. The main route was on the other side but the ravine ran for miles and we could not find a way to get across.
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Lyekka stops here and refuses to move another inch until she cools down.

So it is siesta time while Lyekka rests.

Trying to get Lyekka started again.
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OK, got it started again. Run back and jump in Nadeem!

Desert terrain
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Lyekka has overheated again. Time for a break.

Deep sandy roads

Lyekka will run about 5 mine and overheat and we would have to wait 30 to 45 min for her to cool down before we could continue on. We are trying to get back to Grants but the sun is setting and dark is approaching.

At the last “cool down” spot, we were thinking seriously about just laying down our sleeping bags and were going to have to wait until morning. We give it one more try and right around the corner is pavement going downhill. Lyekka says OK and we make it to Grants and find us a motel for the night.

We feel that the issue is valves are not within proper gap. Actually that is Nadeem’s idea, I don’t have a clue. I’m going “what are valves?”. Well not that bad, buy my mechanical knowledge is limited. So in the morning, we reset the valve clearances and for good measure I hit a few time with a large hammer.

We put it all back together, she starts right up and I am able to drive halfeway around the motel before it dies again. Ugg. Upon close examination, it now looks like there is a short in the ignition wire. We fix that and all is well.

We load all our stuff back on and it is time to hit the trail. Having spent most of yesterday trying to find our way back to the CDR, today we begin where we were supposed to in the first place and vowed not to do any side trips today.

Off we go! Running great! CDR here we come!

We make it a few miles out or down, then she sputters, farts and dies. After she cools down, we head back to town but notice how nice she runs all the way back to town, so we turn around and head to the trail.

Off we go! Running great! CDR here we come!

We pass the spot where we last crapped out. Still running great. We are finally on our way.

Then she spurts, farts and dies. After cool down, we drive backs to town, needless to say, she is running great. We think perhaps there may be some gunk in the gas or in the valves that needs to be burnt through so we go to an auto parts store and get some sea foam stuff to put in the gas. Did I mention that she is running great now? We pour in some gas cleaner and head back to the trail.
Off we go! Running great! CDR here we come!

We pass the spot where we crapped out the first time this morning. We pass the spot where we crapped out the second time. Still running great. We are finally on our way.

Until she sputters, farts and dies. We let her cool down and head back to town. It’s time to give up, lets head to the motel. Well, before we make it, Lyekka craps out. Fortunately this time it was near a taco restaurant. We had lunch giving Lyekka plenty of time to cool down. But after lunch, she would not start. We fiddle farted around with for it long time, but no go. After a while, Nadeem hitches a ride back to the motel to get his truck and trailer. Sadly It is time to give up, whatever is wrong with Lyekka is beyond what we can do in the field. We load bikes up and head home.

We decide to do a stop at Carlsbad Caverns on the way back. A few pictures.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This picture, Nadeem thought was interesting. He thought it looked like a part of a woman’s anatomy.

Nadeem tries to pinch the boob.

Views from the top of the Cavern’s site.

That’s all there is. There ain’t no more. It sure seems that I am having trouble ever doing the CDR. This is the second attempt, so I guess there will have to be a third time. I’m wondering if my problem is that I keep trying to do this route from south to north. I think I should try doing it north to south so that I will be going downhill the whole time. I wonder if that will work?

Currently my plan is to try this again later August or early September, See ya then.

Oh, BTW: while I was trying to ride CDR, the real mother bird was back home setting on her nest.


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