Posted by: Beemer Bob | March 23, 2013

The battle plan

The plan boss, the plan

OK folks, I’m beginning to put a plan together. At least an exercise plan. Changing eating (and drinking) habits is, I think, going to be hardest so I am going to start with the easiest.

Through my Medicare plan, I was able to join a local gym here in Sattler. AnyTime Fitness. They have what looks to be nice equipment and is very convienant. I also was able to get a free membership to Golds Gym (old age has some benefits). The Golds Gym is in San Antonio and about a 40 min drive but they have a pool.

A few days ago, I went to a water aerobics class at the Golds Gym. Being that all the other participants were old fat women, I felt like I might drown in a pool of estrogen. I was about as gracefull as a bull frog and had trouble getting in the rythum of the program. But being in the water did allow me to walk more freely. Oh, a little background info is in order. Last November I did some serious damage to my right foot. I fractured the 5th metatarsal into 6 pieces requiring surgery. The doc pieced it together with lots screws, plates and misc hardware. Being its location and the severity of the injury, healing has been slow. This is also the same foot that I broke my ankle and tore a ligament two years ago. Saying all this as background as to why I have to avoid impact exercises like treadmill and much walking. At least for now, but this limitation will improve.

The problem with exercise equipment at home in my lack of self discipline. To get this started, at least for now, I felt my best option would be to retain the services of a personal trainer. No this is not covered by Medicare.

Both AnyTimeFitness and Golds Gym offered PTs and the cost was about the same. The PT at AnyTime was a young woman and the one at Golds Gym was a guy with biceps the size of tree trunks. Wana guess which one I chose.



  1. Personal trainer is the key, although it is expensive just look at the end result and how much that is worth in the long run. You will need AT LEAST two sessions a week and work up to three, with exercises you can do in the gym or at home on your own. A PT gives you the structure, the comenment and the accountability we all need. Nothing as useless as wondering around a gym with no guidance or structure or perhaps even doing things wrong. And remember, you CAN’T out train a bad diet. Clean eating is the key. Basically just know that every meal is a large quantity of mixed greens or steamed veggies with some protein on top of it. Chicken, fish or a little steak. NOTHING fried.
    Have fun and stay strong !!

    • And lots of wine, right?

  2. Bob,,

    How about something simple? Start with a goal this is achievable.
    Say, walking. Start with 1/2 mile. Using a Pedometer to measure your
    distance. Work your way up to the distance your comfortable with.
    Besides it’s free. There is a website called It list activities
    and people in your area who like walking or whatever activity your can
    think up. The site covers activities from A-Z.

    Also, I find that not eating after 4PM has helped me loose a lot of weight.
    Being 334lbs when I started and 284lbs as of this morning. It is hard at first. With time and support from the “Saint” You two can make a difference.

    Big Jack

    • Dear Bob,

      How is the Battle of the Bulge coming along?

      Do you have a new trip plans.

      Eagerly awaiting your next adventure.


  3. A bunch of old fat women probably don’t have much estrogen left, so don’t worry about drowning in it.

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