Posted by: Beemer Bob | August 4, 2014

Meet the Goose

It’s time for a new ride. My not so faithful Lyekka has delayed and ruined too many trips. I spend more time working on her than riding her and I have grown tired of it. I decided it was time to put Lyekka out to the pasture and get a new steed. I like Urals, but the older Urals had too many “issues” for my liking.

The new 2014 Urals are supposed to be a much improved and more reliable machine, so that is what I decide to do.
Bye bye Lyekka. I sold Lyekka to a nice young man from Dallas. Here she is all loaded up and on her way to her new home.

Now it’s time to go shopping. I head to a dealer in San Antonio and find this baby blue model.

The official color is “Battleship Blue” but it looks baby blue to me and I don’t think I have ever seen a baby blue battleship. I think how neat this would be. I’ll change my handle to “Baby Blue Bob”. But after trying to say “Baby Blue Bob” three times, I decide against it and pass on the baby blue Ural.

Next I head to Austin and they have this pretty red and white model.
Wife (Thee Saint), tells me how pretty this one is and she really likes, so I buy it.

I make it about 3 blocks and the sidecar brake starts to drag making it hard to control. I limp back to the dealer, call Thee Saint to come get me and I go home frustrated.

The next day, however, the dealership fixes the brake and delivers it to my house (about 80 miles). Once unloaded from the trailer, I take it around the block and then park it in the garage. I look at it several times during the day and remark to myself how pretty it is. During the night, I think about how pretty it is. By morning I come to the conclusion that it is pretty but I am not. Ural’s are not supposed to be pretty. They are supposed to be ugly and utilitarian looking. I mean, look at all that chrome and shiny paint. What am I supposed to do with it? Meet up with Harley guys and spend the day shinning my ride?

I call the dealership and explain my dilemma and they allow me to trade it in for a different model.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

This one is a Gear-up model with the right amount of ugly.

I ride it home and by time I get home, the clutch lever bends and the sidecar wheel almost falls off! It seems the phrase “dealer prep” is a lost art at this dealership. They had forgotten to put a pin that hold the sidecar nut on the axle. I haul it back to the dealer and their mechanic has no understanding on the concept “customer service” and gives me lip. I elevate the issue to the general manager who assure me they will get everything fixed. So, a few days later I pick up the rig and bring it home. It doent take long before the clutch lever bends and one of the brakes begins to fail. Needless to say, I am not thrilled with my new Ural or the dealership in Austin. I end up taking the rig to a dealership in San Antonio and pay them to do all the things the original dealer was supposed to do.

At last all is well with my new rig. It handles well (well, as well as a Ural can handle), runs smoth and strong and ready to conquer the back roads. It’s color is slate grey and I decide to name it “The Grey Goose”, like the vodka. Or just “Goose” for short. The name rolls off the toung well and I can also use it as a verb. When I plan to go somewhere in the “goose”, I say I’m going to “goose” it there. Wife is not so sure she like the term, but oh well.

Some more pictures or the Goose.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Oh, see that travel trailer in the background of the last picture? Well there is a story with that coming soon, so stay tuned.



  1. Love the Goose! But I do miss Snoopy… Goose would look good with a Snoopy. Fer realz.

  2. Very nice, hope she/he serves you well. Good choice on the color, you don’t need no stink’n chrome… 🙂

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