Posted by: Beemer Bob | August 27, 2014

Beemerless and Homeless

I no longer have a Beemer and I don’t know if one is in my future, so for now I ride a Russian copy of a Beemer (Ural), so I have to change my name to Beemerlesss

Now about the homeless, well that’s a longer story. When my wife retired, we decided we wanted to leave the Waco, TX area so we rented out the house there we own. We then rented a place outside of New Braunfels near Canyon Lake. This was a beautiful house, high on a hill side and we loved it. We rented it for six months to see if we like living there – that was two years ago. When our lease ran out, we just let it lapse to a month-to-month lease. Good deal, we thought – now we can leave anytime we want and only have to give a 30 day notice. Problem is that we never wanted to leave and the owner of the house decided they wanted it back and since we no longer had a lease, they booted us out.

Now what to do? The house we own is currently under a long term lease and we have good tenants so we have no call to boot them out. Do we buy another house? Do we rent another house? Oh, what to do. We come up with this bright idea to buy a large toy hauler and live in that for a while while traveling around. At least it seemed like a good idea at the time, time will tell.

Making the transition from a 3,000 square foot house to a 26’ toy hauler turned out to be the move from Hell. It took almost 6 weeks to make this happen. Every day (it seemed), we would take a load of crap to one of our sons, or take a load of crap to storage, or take a load of crap to Salvation Army. While we were gone hauling crap out of the house, all the remaining crap would get together and make more crap. It seemed like an impossible task. But at long last we get it done. We had planned to move out by August 1 but we did not get moved out of the house until mid Aug.

While still finalizing the move out, we set up the RV at a nearby park. My child bride and I at our new “home”.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After all the work of moving, I finally get to enjoy a “cool one” on my new front porch.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Staying at an RV resort ain’t too bad and Texas heat is tolerable if you have access to a pool.

We are moved out of the house and now officially homeless. Our journey begins in the morning.



  1. Bob, I am so happy for you and Theresa and Hunter! And jealous. And delighted! I hope as the winds blow you hither and yon, you will find your way to this neck of the woods 🙂

  2. Hello and Happy Labor Day to Bob and Theresa! SOOOOO glad to see photos and hear about your new life. I’m happy for you and VERY jealous. Post often so we can stay in touch and live vicariously with you.
    Beth Ann (Greeneyes)

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