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The last episode of the “Homeless Trio”, had us returning to Texas. We needed to return because I needed to have hernia surgery.

For the past few years it seems as though I spend half my time recovering from some surgery or injury. If it’s not a motorcycle injury, it’s falling down stars or just this old body needing repairs.

In the past I at least got to recover in a house in a real bed. This time my recovery was in a small trailer while residing in an RV park near our old home in New Beaunfels.
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You may notice an extra hand. Well, space is limited so visitors may get folded up in a couch.

I knew of the need for the surgery before our Colorado trip but I purposely postponed it so we could escape the Texas heat. The Colorado trip was great, but the delay was pushing things and the surgeon said this had become a larger than normal hernia and I was feeling significant discomfort. Recovery was less than fun for the first few days. After a few days, we got to make a trip to the emergency room to take care of some issues.

Thee Saint said I was just wanting a morphine drip.
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Morphine drips are nice.

I was pretty much bed ridden for a few weeks and I whined a lot. Thee Saint was a trouper and took good care of me and put up with all my whimpering and whining.

The park we stayed at did not have wifi, cell coverage or TV reception so my days were spent reading ebooks on my iphone
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After a few weeks recovery, I finally was able to walk (although not fully upright ).

We were able to go to one of my favorite restaurants in New Braunfels – McAdoo’s Seafood Company. The food is good and they have an awesome Bloody Mary Bar. Because it was difficult for me to move, Thee Saint even made the drink for me.
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A few days later, a TWT friend, WhiskeySmith. (Aka Carl) came to visit. When we had a house here and he would visit, he always wanted to go to Granny D’s, a nearby country style restaurant. So, off we went and did our obligatory photo op with the TWT banner.

After lunch, Carl helped place the stickers from our Colorado trip.
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The pain meds I was on, while killing the pain, had some undesirable side effects. Carl brought me a natural wholesome alternative to hydrocodone.
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Some more time passes and I feel well enough to travel. I still hurt a little bit, but it’s more of a discomfort than actual pain and I feel that I can handle driving the truck ok. So, it’s time to hit the road.

For years Thee Saint has dreamed of seeing the fall colors in the North Carolina area and had dreamed of seeing the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. So off we go. The plan is to go to the northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and work our way down the parkway until we arrive in Asheville. I studied the route planning to be in the peak time for the Fall colors.

We hooked up the trailer and headed north. We stopped for a few days at Lago Vista outside of Austin. My eldest son lives there and his married daughter and her husband had gone on a cruise so he was babysitting his grandson for the week. By the way, that makes this kid my Great Grandson. Damn, I’m getting old.

I’ve done children. I’ve done grand children but this great grandson tops them all. He is the funniest kid alive that lives life to the fullest. Every moment with him is a kick. The only thing worse than someone boring you with pictures of their grandchildren is someone boring you with pictures of their GREAT grandchildren.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug
With that done, the trip begins …



  1. Glad your booboos have healed and you and Thee Saint are headed toward a beautiful adventure! Spent a lot of time in childhood years on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’ll have to do that again some time. Soon, I think.

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