Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 5, 2014

xxxHomeless on the Blue Ridge – Part 1

October 3, 2015

After visits with the great one, it’s time to head north.

Our first stop is Gainsville, TX. The purpose of this stop was because there was a Lavender Festival going on that the Saint wanted to attend. What ever the Saint wants…

At the farm entrance.

I quickly lost interest in the lavender shindig so I parked the trailer next to an oil well and indulged in a glass of wine.


From here we head to Thackerville, OK

We stayed at a small un eventful RV park there for the night.

The only thing going on in Thackerville is the WinStar Casino. This is the largest Casino in Oklahoma. So after parking the trailer, we unloaded the Goose and off we went


Saint has also always wanted to go to London. What ever Saint wants, Saint gets …





If we registered to get a “player’s card”, they would give you a big chocolate candy bar. That is more than enough motivation for us! .
We ate an an English style pub in the London section and then played the penny slots for a bit.

Not being gamblers, we couldn’t figure out the games. Long gone are the conventional one armed bandits with a simple line of symbols. All we could figure out was if we pushed enough buttons, lights would flash and then it would take our pennies.

We invested $2.00 on the penny slots with visions of great wealth. We ended up losing $1.99. We were devastated, our life savings near gone. We had the restraint to save some back for our golden years.

Saddened with our losses, we head back to out trailer. Once there, we ate the candy bars the casino gave us, threw away the player’s card but kept the nifty lanyard they gave us. With chocolate in our bellies, All is right with the world.



  1. Bob, I know retirement can be dicey. Are you here to tell the whole wide world. You are down to your last.cent? Although I must admit. I am to poor to pay attention. Oh yes, Morally bankrupt as well.


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