Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 6, 2014

xxxHomeless on the Blue Ridge – part 2

October 4, 2014

We recovered from our gambling spree and headed out in the morning.

Today the homeless trio is heading to Queen Willamena State Park in Arkansas.

For lunch we stopped at the Tribal Services Center in Hugo, OK for lunch. No we didn’t have lunch with the Indians. The center was closed but had a pretty setting for us to stop and make lunch.



We continue onward and pass into Arkansas.

We arrive at Queen Willamena State Park around 5ish. I have never been to this park before but I knew it to be a favorite destination for TWT and other motorcyclists wanting to ride the twisty roads in the Ozarks. As far as a destination for someone pulling a long trailer, not so much.

I had a lot of trouble maneuvering the trailer into their small spots, but finally got it. Thee Saint says I need to not Panic. But Ponder, Prepare and have Patience.

By time we got set up and made dinner it was time to call the day at end.

October 5 , 2014

Queen Willamena was just a one night stand and our next destination was not that far, so we took our sweet time getting on the road.

This is a very small park and while not that easy to maneuver a trailer, it is very pretty. This park sits on top of Rich mountain and the views are fantastic.

A bit of history concerning the odd name of this park. It seems that when the railroads were being built in the area, the rail developers were having difficulty in obtaining financing. Finally they were able to get financing from some investors in Holland. Either to show appreciation or as part of the deal, the railroad developers built an Inn where the park now exists.This Inn was named after the queen of Holland. Queen Willamena. Now you know.

I claimed the park as TWT territory.


The park has a nice lodge, but it is closed for renovations. It is supposed to be open spring of 2015.

Walking around the lodge we treat ourselves to some of the scenery.





After a while, we load up and head out. Today’s destination is Mt. Magazine State Park, also in Arkansas.

We stopped for lunch at a nice roadside park outside of Boonville.

We arrive mid afternoon, check in and get set up at our campsite. I did much better at parking the trailer this time and Tree (AKA: Saint) did a much better job of guiding me. We stopped and surveyed what we needed to do to get into the spot. I Pondered, Prepared and exercised Patience. We got all snug in the camping site and we were quite proud of our success. Then we realized that we forgot to unload the Goose and had to pull out to unload and do it all over again. But we succeeded again. But I need to add something else to my checklist to remember to unload the damn Ural.

We spent the rest of the afternoon with some organization tasks. I grilled some pork ribs while Saint sautéed some veggies. We stayed by the campsite this evening enjoying the pleasant weather and surroundings.

We are scheduled to stay here two nights but of what we have seen so far, this park is beautiful and Saint is talking about staying longer. We will see. We are unemployed and homeless so I guess we can stay wherever we want as long as we want.

Tomorrow we will explore the park and area on the goose.



  1. Thanks for taking us along with you. You both look great, relaxed and enjoying being homeless while claiming vast territories for TWT. Robert

  2. Oh my goooooooodness!!! You are in a super place. 🙂 The road through Havana East out of Havana coming down out of the hills is a lovely one (even if it is pretty straight). Salute to Yell County & Mt Magazine – been there many times. Wish I could be in the camper behind you. Thanks for giving us the feeling that I am. Love to you both, Greeneyes & Tango.

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