Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 8, 2014

xxxHomeless on the Ridge – part 4

October 6, 2014 (cont)

In the last episode, Hunter and I were heading down an interesting road trail.

The road narrows a bit

And a bit more

This is still a road, right?

Oops. Time to engage 2 wheel drive.

A moment of pause. I used to carry a SPOT device with me on my travels so that I could request help If needed. A few years ago I had an incident and I discovered that the usefulness of SPOT was very limited. I canceled SPOT and purchased a satellite phone instead. This way I could have two way communication to be able to explain my exact needs and condition and know the status of my rescue. Seemed like a good plan, but the only problem was that I left the satellite phone in the trailer so if I got stuck in the mud out here, I was screwed because I could not call anyone for help.

Anyway, I go through this and many more mud holes with ease. The Goose is now proudly covered in mud.

I paused to take a picture of this little hill before I climbed it.

I did not realize but right around the corner was very steep incline of loose rock. I was unable to take a picture because I was too busy goosing the goose up the incline and if I would have stopped to take a picture, I would have slid back down.

I continue onward on the trail.

And then…

And then…

Nothing. 🙂

The trail then connected back to the gravel road and from there I made it back to the highway leading to the park

I had a ball. It’s been a long time since I have done any off road of any challenge. This is also the first time that I have ever used the 2 wheel drive with thus Ural. By time I get back to the campsite, I am grinning ear to ear.

back at our campsite, Tree tells me she had fun with her weaving workshop but now wants to go to Walmart to get some weaving supplies.

So we take the Goose down the mountain to Paris and after an uneventful meal at KFC we return to the park.

It is now dusk, so we go in search of sunset views at some of the outlooks in the park.


End of a great day.


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