Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 11, 2014

xxxHomeless on the ridge

October 7. 2014

We really like this park and have decided to extend our stay another day. More specifically, the Saint wants to stay another day and what ever thee Saint wants …

The fall colors are just starting here, so we tour around a bit looking at the foliage


And we claim the park for TWT

We had a late breakfast at the lodge. The view from out table was such that we did not want to leave.


We enjoyed some of the views around the lodge








The lodge has a nice lobby as well as many nice chairs outside for sitting and reading and Saint decides that’s what she wants to do. So as she spends the day enjoying the lodge, hunter and I go off on an adventure.

Today we head in the opposite direction to the town of Havana. Perhaps we can get some cigars.

Before we get to the bottom of the mountain, I notice an interesting road leading nowhere

So off we go


A little mud


And then the road just ends! In the middle of nowhere, there is a clearing and then no more road.

Hunter and I take a break to let the engine cool and eat our packed lunches.

Stay tuned for the next episode of “lost in the Ozarks” or “How Beemer lost his off road privileges”


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