Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 14, 2014

xxxHomeless on the ridge

October 11, 2014

It rained all night. Cleared to a light drizzle by mid morning.

Our campsite

There is a large pond/small lake in the campground that makes a pretty setting among the fall colors




It was still drizzling on and off so venturing off on the goose wouldn’t be much fun, so today we truck it.

There was a farmers market at the nearby town of Staunton (pronounced Stanton) so off we go. It turns out Staunton is a very cute town with a lot of interesting architecture. While Tree went to the market, I did a walking tour of the area.








NOTE : I don’t currently have wifi access so I am doing these posts via email using my iPhone. There seems to be a limit as to how many pictures I can have in an email. So I going to need to post what I have so far and continue again in a new email.



  1. Yes, lots of well crafted buildings and a sense of permanence in Staunton. Brick building will do that. Compared to Texas, there’s an Old World charm on the East side. Enjoying your travel blog. Raining all night…I wouldn’t want to be in a tent. Your blog is entertaining but also a reality lesson in how to travel comfortably. Take care, Robert

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