Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 17, 2014

xxxHomeless on the ridge (Oct 15)

Oops, the last post had Oct 13 in the title. It should have said Oct 14. So this one is Oct 15

From this morning’s walk. This lady stands guard over the campground lake

Anyway the drizzle is very light this morning. We may risk an outing in the goose. On the other side of the mountains in Nelson County there are a group of wineries and breweries along highway 151. This collection is called the Nelson 151. Wine and beer seems like an excellent reason to go ride

Still some fog going over the mountains.

Smoky mountains?

At our first vineyard


Still kinda damp, but not too bad.

We purchase some wine to bring home. We keep buying wine and craft beer to bring home to our sons. How much will actually make it all the way home before it is consumed is unknown.

Down the road a piece is the Devils Backbone Brewing Company.

This place has a nice restaurant and we declare it lunch time.

The inside of this place is more like a large hunting lodge than a brewery.





And of course we buy a six pack of craft beers to take home. Ha ha

Continuing we come to a cindery. This happens to be the Saints favorite brand of hard cider.

I don’t care much for cider so while saint is getting wasted in the tap room, I take a tour of the bottling operation. Very interesting. Yes we bought some hard cider “to bring home”. Good thing the Ural has a large trunk.

Onward down highway 151 we find Hilltop Berry Farm and winery.





This place had some traditional wines but for the most part, their wines were actually meads. Mead is a wine made from fermented honey instead of grapes. Meads are the original wine dating back thousands of years. Before the days of grape wine. Mead may be the first alcoholic drink made.

This place has done some very interesting variations to just plain honey wine. They had meads made with pomegranate, lavender and pumpkin. One of the most interesting was one called “dragon’s breath”. This was a mead blended with hickory smoked hot peppers!

We bought some bottles “to take home”

There are several wineries to go but it is starting to get late in the day, and it’s a long ride back over the mountains to our “home”. Most importantly we are out of room. The trunk is full of wine and beer as well as the nose of the sidecar is getting full. If we get any more wine, I won’t be able to bring the Saint back.

So home we go

Our booty for the day


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