Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 18, 2014

xxxHomeless on the ridge (Oct 16 – cont)

After Michie’s, we headed to Carter Mountain Orchard


Tree went to go pluck apples fresh off the trees

While she was picking apples I found their winery. After sampling their offerings I bought a bottle of wine that was made totally from grapes grown on this farm. By the way, most of the wineries here in Virginia make their wine from their own grapes. Unlike in Texas, where wine may be made there but the grapes came from somewhere else. I’m told the Shenandoah Valley is very fertile and great for crops such as grapes and apples.

Oh, the bottle of wine I bought is “to take home”

After plucking apples we decided to take a quick trip up skyline drive in the Shenandoah National Park. Still a little foggy but not near as bad as the last time we tried this. It’s also getting late and the iPhone is not able to capture the images very well at dusk but it did an OK job with most of the shots.




Sunset over the Shenandoah Valley




Time to head home.

On the way home we had to stop and buy a storage container to hold all these bottles of wine. This does give me some concern. I have several states to go through on my way home and at this rate of wine purchases we may need a special license to transport this much booze across state lines.



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