Posted by: Beemer Bob | October 20, 2014

xxxHomeless on the ridge (Oct 18-cont & 19)

October 18 (cont)

After the winery, we continued our journey home via the back roads of Virginia. The following are examples of the many picturesque farms of Virginia





Have a nice fall 🙂

By time we get back home, it’s still a little nippy and nice weather for a campfire.

We grilled some pork and chicken for dinner and enjoyed the evening until bedtime.

October 19

Our time at this site is at an end. It is time to move on. We pack up our little home and head south. Today’s destination is a campground near Lenoir, North Carolina.

Uneventful trip but the views were still beautiful the entire way.

We make it to North Carolina

Hunter is unimpressed but Thee Saint is happy. North Carolina was the destination I promised her and we made it. Well actually I will not have fulfilled her dream until I deliver her to the Biltmore Estates in Asheville. But at least I’m now in the right state.

A few words about Virginia as we leave. We found Virginia to be beautiful. Our eyes were constantly treated with spectacular views. A little less rain would have been nice but the locals told us they had not had rain for sometime, so the rain was much needed.

We found the people of Virginia to be very friendly and hospitable. We felt welcomed everywhere we went. I hope to return for another visit someday.

We make it to our campsite, set up, have dinner, drink wine and go to bed.



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