Posted by: Beemer Bob | May 21, 2015

We went east.

Well here we are. Waynesville, North Carolina about 40 miles east of Asheville. Since we are close to Asheville, Saint says we need to take a trip to Biltmore Estate. We went there last year and once was enough for me but this year Thee Saint bought an annual pass and can’t wait for a revisit. Saint tells me this is the 30th anniversary of the winery at the estate and they were offing free wine tastings, so now I’m interested. So off to Asheville we go.

Upon arrival at the estate grounds we had a buffet lunch at a place called Deer Park on the estate grounds. Wow – what a spread!
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I had no interest in seeing the actual estate again and we had been told the tours were very crowded today, so we decided just do some of the other venues on the grounds. With full bellies; on to the gardens for us.

Then we head to the Antler’s Village (another touristy place on the estate). Here Hunter meets Cedric (the family pet of the Vanderbilt’s)

At Antler’s Village they are having live music, so after ample free wine tastings, we find a seat and take a listen.

They were going to have a fireworks display, but we were tired and decided we had seen fireworks before so we went home.

Next morning, being Sunday, we went to church here at the resort park we are staying at. We are staying at a place called “Pride Resorts” and one of their claims to fame is square dancings and they have this center set up to host square dancing events. Well on Sunday, they convert the square dancing center into a church. Pretty neat deal. They even have a regular preacher that the resort pays a small stipend to. Today we had a guest group out of Knoxville, TN that came and sang to us.

If you care to hear, ‘click’ on picture to play video.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After church, we went to nearby Waynesville for a visit. After a nice lunch at a local bakery we decide to take in a movie. Waynesville has a unique coffee shop, bar and movie theatre that we had gone to last year called “The Strand”.

‘nuff for now. More to come. Hey, next post I may go Uraling!


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