Posted by: Beemer Bob | May 30, 2015

A few minor trips.

One day, for lunch, we head to the Mt. Pisgah Inn for lunch. The Pisgah Inn is a lodge and restaurant on the Blue Ridge parkway at 5,000 feet altitude with panoramic views from atop Mt. Pisgah. Some views along the way.
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Now that we are a mile high, it seem appropriate that we claim this ridge for the sovereign republic of Texas .

Now at the highest point of the parkway.

At the inn, we were able to get a table right by a window with great views

On the way back there was a group of girls doing hoola hoop at one of the pull off areas. I have no idea why, but of course I had to pull in. And of course I had to ask the gilrs to come hoola hop next to the goose. At which point, Thee Saint bails out of the goose not wanting anything to do with this. I think sometimes I embarrass her.

Back at our park, we enjoy the Canadian geese that visit our stream.

That evening we pay a visit to a local church that was having a meatloaf dinner to help fund their mission work. It was without a doubt some of the worst meatloaf I have ever had. Oh well, it was for a good cause.

Next day we went to nearby Waynesville for lunch and a nice place called “Frog Leap”. While at Frog Leap, ‘Ky” hopes around the place. Oh, wait – I need to introduce you to ‘Ky”

A short while back we took our great-grandson Kyler (AKA: The Great One) to the zoo. Leaving the zoo he picked out a little frog from the gift shop. He spent the rest of the day taking care of his frog. Giving him water, food and care.
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Anyway, he accidently left his little toad, so we are now the caretakers of this little fellow that we have since named “Ky” (after Kyler). Now back to ‘Ky” hoping around the Frog Leap restaurant.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

On yet another day we head to the town of Brevard, NC. Tree had said that some article she read listed it as one of the top 10 coolest towns in America. Brevard is also known for their white squirrels and today they were having their white squirrel festival. Now what I found interesting is that my family (on my mother’s side) was from Olney, Ill that is also famous for white squirrels and I did not know they existed place other than in Olney. These are not albinos but just squirrels with white fur. The story is that a circus event was coming through town and a wagon carrying white squirrels crashed and spilled it’s load of these rare squirrels and they continued to breed populate in this town. I don’t know where Olney got its white squirrels.

Anyway on the way we pass the “Cradle of forestry” in the Pisgah National Forrest. Our century of forest conservation dates back to the construction of the Biltmore Estate and the reforestation of abused and over farmed land that once ailed the surrounding landscape. Forestry education began in 1889 when George W. Vanderbilt purchased the first land holding in Asheville for his Estate.

Vanderbilt hired a man by the name of Frederick Law Olmsted to oversee the design and construction of the gardens & grounds encompassed by the magnificent estate.

Upon Olmstead’s recommendation that the estate required a “Forest Manager”, Vanderbilt hired a young man by the name of Gifford Pinchot. Pinchot, who would later serve as the first Chief of the USDA Forest Service and Governor of Pennsylvania, developed and implemented a forest management plan for Vanderbilt’s forested holdings.

Subsequently, in 1895, German forester Dr. Carl A. Schenck accepted George Vanderbilt’s offer to come to North Carolina to succeed Gifford Pinchot as manager of his vast forest properties.

At this location, young men would be taught the science of forestry management and was the first type education offered in this country. Before touring the grounds, was had lunch at the exhibit. On the outside patio, Ky stops to admire the view then help us finish our fries.

We toured the old learning center and buildings on the forestry school.

On to the town of Brevard. We find a very unique toy story called O.P. Taylor. Not related to Opey Taylor of Mayberry fame. The owner of the store’s last name in Taylor and the store’s name is a play on that and the fact that a restaurant just down the street is named “Mayberry Café”.

For lunch we find a cool retro soda shopee.

The old county courthouse

Stopped at a sidewalk bar for a local brew, but Ky drank it all

Since we are in a town famous for white squirrels, we go in search of one of these critters.

Ok, that one was fake, but we did find some on the campus of the local college.

There was a festival with music that evening but it had been a full day, so we head home back through the same scenic forest.

Next up, more exploring of the Great Smokey Mountains.


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