Posted by: Beemer Bob | May 31, 2015

The Goose, Hunter and I, do Balsam Mountain

Today I get a riding companion that is braver and we strike out for the Smokey Mountains.

We stop again at the mile high point.
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Almost there. Note Hunter’s excitement

My brother, Hap, had asked why Hunter looks sad in all the pictures. What he does not know, it that this is Hunter’s happy face.

We make it to the beginning of the route

A look down the road. Hunter says he ain’t scared, so off we go.

Along the road.

Th further we go, the more dense the forest. It is a bright sunshiny day, but you would not know it. The trees block most of the light and although it is in 80’s elsewhere – it is cool enough to keep my jacket liner in. I’ve never ridden in a rain forest, but I imagine this is what it would be like.

We ride for several hours. The road was easy (class 1, with some class 2 now and then) and very enjoyable, but long. Near the end, we come upon a pretty mountain stream and decide this is a good place to take a break.

Momma packed us a nice lunch for our trip and this seemed like a good spot for lunch. I had a nice sandwich and chips and hunter did not. But he did have some treats and dog food, so all was well

Back on the road. The road is now two way and wider, but still pretty.

We end up in the Cherokee Indian Reservation area. So as not to invade their privacy, I kept my picture taking to a minimum but I did grab a few pictures that I thought were interesting.

While in the reservation area (Big Cove), the roads were nice and paved but as I made my way back home the roads deterioted to class 1, then some serious class 2 dirt roads.

I climb some class 2 road with tight switchbacks I did not stop to take pictures because of the incline. Then all of a sudden, I’m at the blue ridge parkway. I had no idea that the back roads intersected with the parkway. Once on the parkway, we all head home and call it a day.



  1. Always enjoy riding along, Bob. Love to you, Thee Saint, and Hunter, and hopes that our paths cross again some day.

  2. Very pretty Bob. We are leaving on the 8th so well see you up there

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