Posted by: Beemer Bob | June 8, 2015

The Goose lives

Well clutch cable has been ordered this morning, Goose has been benched so we wait, we are trucking. We head back to the historic frog level area of Waynesville for lunch. The local brewery there has a table with a chalkboard top and chalk for us to play,

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For our last morning here at the park (Pride Resort, Waynesville), we go to nearby Maggie Valley for breakfast. We seldom go out for breakfast, but this place was famous for their pancakes so we had to give them a try.

Normally we would have left this park this morning but we are waiting for the cable to arrive. All the UPS tracking tells me is that it will be here by end of day, so I make arrangements with the park to allow us to stay here until our package comes in. In the meantime, we load back into the truck and head back to the Chataloochee area because Thee Saint wanted to see some of the old buildings that Hunter and I saw during our adventure. There are supposed to be a lot of elk in the area and we had hopes to see some, but I guess it was too late in the morning for them to be out. We did, however, see lots of wild turkeys.

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We tour some of the remaining structures


We head back to our home site and await my care package (cable for the Goose) and enjoy a leisurely day. The package arrives late that afternoon, so it is time to head out.

Today we go to a national park area called Lake Powhaten Recreational area. We set up our new home site, light up a campfire and sit back and enjoy nature.
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I spend the morning replacing the clutch cable on the Goose. I spoke on the phone with a fellow Ural rider that gave me some pointers of how to replace the cable. Amazingly, I was able to replace the cable and make all the needed adjustments myself, so THE GOOSE RUNS AGAIN!

Lake Powhaten is actually just outside of Asheville, so of course we make a day trip to the downtown area. Parking in downtown Asheville is difficult so we bring the Goose because it is much easier to park. Besides, taking the Goose is always more fun than a dumb truck.

The city of Ashville is actually fairly small (less than 90,000) but seems like a much larger city. It is much like Austin, TX in than it is very hippish and artsy. A lot of fun sidewalk cafés, street performers and fun shops. We have lunch at a place called Carmel’s. We had a nice table on the corner sidewalk

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Ky is up to no good. I don’t know why we even bring him.


We find an old fashioned barbershop, so it’s time for a trim


We make another (of many yet to come), trip back to Biltmore. This time, we just go to a place called “Antler Village”. This is a little area within the Biltmore grounds that has the winery, a museum and some nice resturants. We had dinner at a place called “Cedric’s”. Cedric was the name of the Vanderbilt’s pet St. Bernard.
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There is some live music playing in the courtyard area that we get to enjoy while dining.



  1. Oh, Ky… naughty frog…

    Another grand adventure! Congratulations on the Goose resurrection 🙂

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