Posted by: Beemer Bob | June 9, 2015

There be flowers in them there hills

We begin one day with a stop at the North Carolina Arboretum
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I earn brownie points by taking Tree here.

We had visited this place when we were here last fall, but not much was in bloom. This trip, the gardens are in full color.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

There are many nature paths around the park and I try to walk off some of the excess beer I had yesterday. We find a miniature train setup in the park

Bonsai exhibit

Rose exhibit going on

Someone clowning around


We take a trip to Asheville again and to enjoy a nice lunch at a sidewalk café. We got through most of the meal fine, but then it started to rain. Oh, let me take a moment to tell you about rain here. We may have left the floods in Texas but we get to see a lot of rain. It rains here EVERYDAY! There is a reason, everything is so lush and green here. Seldom is the rain heavy nor does it last that long. It is usually nice during the day and then by late afternoon we will get a shower. Today, however, the rain came early and heavy.

Ky was OK with the rain, but after all, he is a frog.
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Hunter and I, however, were ducking for cover.

To get in from the rain, we find a “dog friendly” book store. By the way, Asheville in general is very dog friendly. Many stores in the downtown area have water bowls out front for those walking their pets and most allow dogs inside their shop. Anyway, this book store was the “Battery Park Book exchange and Champagne” Books and champagne – how could you go wrong?

We all get a beverage and find some reading material.

Ky grabs a copy of “War and Peace” and reads aloud for Hunter.

The book store is huge with interesting nooks and crannies

After reading time, Hunter is tired and decides to take a nap.

We return home after the rains stop and after Ky has finished reading “War and Peace” he knocked out “Around the world in eighty days“ and was starting on “North and South” when we told him it was time to go. Did you know that frogs can pout?

Next day, Tree tells me we want to go in search of more flowers on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I’ve had enough of flowers, but I’m here to please (and I like the Blue Ridge), so off we go. It looked like rain so we took the truck. Oh, another word about the rain. We have since figured out that it is going to rain every day and that the rain won’t kill us, so we take the Goose even if it looks like rain. Anyway, we head to an area on the Blue Ridge called “Craggy Gardens” to see the rhododendrons that should be in bloom this time of year.

Pictures along the way.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We stop at a folk art center off the Ridge
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Back on the Ridge

We arrive at the picnic area for Craggie Gardens and the rhododendrons are in fact in bloom. Hunter is not impressed and lets us know what he thinks about these flowers.

Regardless of Hunter’s feelings, the flowers were nice.

Two pretty flower bushes

It is early June, but if you can see the temperature in the truck dash – it is 59 degrees. A bit chilly for mid day in June.

Moving on

On the road

Lots of tunnels through the mountains on the Blue RidgeParkway

Next we head to Mt. Mitchel State Park. Mt. Mitchel is the highest point east of the Mississippi.
Views along the way.

Now an overlook area named after me.

We drive, up, up and up and we reach Mt. Mitchel park. We stop for a nice lunch at a restaurant near the summit but within the state park. Some great views from our dining table in the clouds.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

After lunch, we hike up a trail leading to the summit and observatory deck. Some shots along the hike.

We reach the summit. It was a long hike and Hunter and I are pooped.

Some shots from the summit of Mt. Mitchel

We descend the trail. Boy, going down is much easier than going up.

We head home. More tunnels and great sights.

Back at our campsite, I join Smokey in some fire prevention.



  1. Bob, your blogs are great!!! Every one of them. Lots of wit. Fun reading. I am envious of you, Teresa, Hunter, and Ky.

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