Posted by: Beemer Bob | June 13, 2015

Still in North Carolina

Our campsite on a fine North Carolina morning at Lake Powhaten.
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I’m told it’s a nice North Carolina morning to take a run up to Pisgah again for lunch. Oh, let me tell you a little something about nice North Carolina mornings. They tend to be cool or if you are from Texas, one might use the word cold. We turn on the heat every morning and yes this is June. In Texas, we are used to turning on the A/C in June. Riding in the Goose in the mornings here will require one to bundle up for the trip and then shed off layers at the day heats up.

Along the way

Higher we go, the more in the clouds we are.

And of course, flowers

By time we reach Mt. Pisgah, we are engulfed in clouds and fog.

As we ate with a view of the Valley of Mt. Pisgah below, we were treated with watching the cloud lift revealing the spectacular scenes below.
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Time to head back down the mountain.

Later that day, guess where the Saint wants to go? You guessed it. Biltmore!! I drop her off at the big house and expend some time at the Biltmore winery. Gee, before long, you’ll may think I’m a wino or something.

It’s late afternoon and on the way to the winery area, the geese are just getting ready to call it a day.
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After I pick her Saintness up, I have this bright idea to hike up some place that is supposed to have some neat statue of the goddess Diana. So, a-hiking we go. Now some of you “real” hikers may laugh at what I call a hike, but I’m 67, overweight and out of shape so having to go from one bar to another is a hike. Anyway, up some dumb hill we go.

Up a flight of stairs, we have a nice view of the estate, but we are facing the sun that low in the sky so the picture does not come out well.

We hike on and reach the top of the hill to find this statue. The Saint proclaims “You had me hike up this hill to see this!” As well as other expletives, not appropriate to repeat.

My two goddeses.

Walking around the grounds of the estate.

For our last day in the Asheville area, we go to Biscuit Head for another bisuit breakfast. Some where less than 9,000 calories a biscuit.  Next to Biscuit Head is a music place that had the misfourtune of naming ttheir place ISIS before ISIS was a bad thing.

Later that day, we hook up our home and head north about 60-70 miles to a little town called Plumtree, NC.

We go to an RV park called “A heavenly getaway”. I liked the description on the website for this park. I wish I had read the reviews on this park that warned that this was a difficult place for an RV of any size. We ended up goind down a road, over a small bridge then a steep incline to the park that would have been a strain on the goose but maneuvering a 26’ trailer and a full sized pick up was interesting to say the least. By time I got backed into the site they has set for us, I was ready for a large tall stiff drink.  By time I got our rig parked, I had other names for this place and it was not heavenly.

By the next day, I had recovered, so for lunch we head to a little mountain town called “Little Switzerland”. There was a big fancy motel there with a nice restaurant that had been recommended.
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But the entire hotel, restaurant and grounds had been booked for a wedding, so we had to go to the downtown area of Little Switzerland (all of three buildings) for lunch today.

We did however have a fine luch.

I attempt to find us a nice route home down the road less traveled. Saint however is not comfoprtable that I have a clue as to where I am or where I am going.
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I find our way back to the Blue Ridge Parkway and we find another restaurant with nice views, so we stop in for coffee and dessert.

On the way home, we come across an orchard called Altapass. Apples are not in season, but what the hey, we stop to take a look-see. Boy, what a treat. They were having an AARP dance.

By AARP dance, I’m meaning they had a nice band playing good old time music with many silver haired folks kicking it up.
‘click on picture to play video’
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‘click on picture to play video’

‘click on picture to play video’

And then there was this lady dancing with her dog. Old people are strange.
‘click on picture to play video’

As previously stated, our current camp is at a small town called Plumtree. It has a post office but is not a real town that you can find on a GPS. The only business is a winery and brewery called “Blind Squirrel”.
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On previous pass-bys we had dismissed this place as a dump, but one evening we decided to give it a try. Outer looks can be deceiving. It was actually very nice and we had a pleasant time, the food was good and the beer was even better.
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Ky had a nice local brew

Ky had a bit too much and had to take a nap in the table arrangement.

Stay tuned for more in the life of the Homeless Trio …

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