Posted by: Beemer Bob | June 20, 2015

I got a big behind

OK, I got a big behind on my reports. So, I will attempt a little ketchup.

A good friend of ours, Kat, had a friend that had just opened a shop in the nearby town of Burnsville that she wanted us to go say hey to. I don’t need much of an excuse to take the Goose on a road trip, so off we go.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug

We toured the town of Burnsville. Today is Sunday so everything was closed but we did find this neat mural
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Last year, we had found a really neat restaurant called ‘Over Yonder” in the village of Valle Crucis near Boone, NC. So we wanted a repeat performance.

Along the way we discover that they grow a LOT of Christmas trees in this area.
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This area is called ‘Christmas Tree Hill’

I make another attempt at doing the Continental Divide.

Even Thee Saint joins me. She not scared.

We come upon the town of Goo Goo, NC

I don’t’ know anything about this, but this is what we find in Goo Goo.

We arrive at Over Yonder and have a great meal. Even Ky approves

Some pics inside ‘Over Yonder’
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Some pictures of pictures inside the restaurant that I am going to pass off as our own work.

A few outside pictures

Across the street is a place called “Mast General Store”. This is the original location for an old time general store that is still in operation today.

On the way home
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We find a winery! I like wineries.

Some shots at the winery

Oh, a little pause about our current RV park. I almost had a nervous breakdown maneuvering our trailer into here and had many restless nights worrying about if I would be able to get our trailer out of here without tearing it up, it was actually a very pretty area (once I got over the panic)
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugPhoto & Video Sharing by SmugMug Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

One day Tree tells me we would like to go see a place called Flat Top Manor. It’s just off, the Blue Ridge Parkway and I like riding the Goose on the Parkway – so off we go.

I see a sign for a place called “Linville Falls”, so I think it would be neat to take a side trip to go see. Upon arrival, we are told by the park ranger that we just need to go down this nice path to the falls.
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We hike, the trail narrows, we hike, the trail narrows and so on. After a while, this is not fun. The trail is now a narrow, muddy trail and Saint tells me that she is in sandals and not interested in getting her feet muddy. I find these falls

I attempt a selfie to prove that I was there.

Tree gives up on me and wades through the mud and makes it to where I am.

The signs tell us that we are just at the base of the falls and to see the big fall, we need to climb but a little further. We have had as much fun as we want and turn back. We find the Goose waiting for us patiently and head to a place called “Flat Top Manor”, aka “Moses Cone Manor”, aka “
Parkway Craft Center”. It seems this place has an identity crisis and cannot decide what its name is. Anyway, it’s an old manor that has a bunch of overpriced crafts for sale, but the house and setting is very pretty.

On the way, we stop for lunch. Thee Saint had made us some nice sandwiches to have for a parkway picnic. She had put our lunch in the refrigerator to stay cool until right before we left. As Tree unpacks our lunch, she remembers that our sandwiches are still in the refrigerator. Oh, well at least we had apples.

We arrive at the house of many names.

Afterwards, our apple lunch has worn off and we head to the town of Blowing Rock to find lunch.
We find a place called “Town Tavern”. The place looked a little dumpy on the outside, but we were pleasantly surprised by the good food. Ky, had a liquid lunch.
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After lunch, we remember a place that we had gone to last year called “Froggy Rock” so we thought it would be neat to go have a picture of Ky (our froggy) in front of the place, so I fight traffic and road construction to find the place. We go to all the trouble of posing these neat pictures.
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See our little froggy with the froggy rock pub sign

Hey did you notice our goof? After we took the pictures, we decided that we were too dumb to live and head home.

That’s nuff for now. Mo to come


  1. Y’all keep finding the best places to go. My list is getting longer!

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