Posted by: Beemer Bob | June 30, 2015

Roan Mountain

One fine day we decide to head to nearby Roan Mountain. On the way we find a place that knows how to spell froggy correctly

We then go through Minneapolis. Gee, I thought we were still in North Carolina

I developed what I thought would be a neat route going up to Tennessee then to Roan Mountain from the north side. From Tennessee I select a fun back road trek to the mountain.

All starts off nice with a well maintained gravel road as shown. Then becomes narrow and not maintained. By the time we are just hanging off the side of a mountain, I am informed that we are not doing this anymore. So we backtrack in search of pavement. We find that hard stuff and ascend the steep road to the summit. Roan Mountain is almost as tall as Mount Mitchell making it one of the tallest points east of the Mississippi.

The primary reason Tree wanted to come here was because of the rhododendrons are in bloom here.

After looking at flowers, we tour the “Roan Mountain Gardens” which is a maze of sidewalks though a rainforest.

Leaving the mountain, we return to

Back at our temporary home town (Plumtree, NC) we stop for a photo op. This is the site of an old movie called “The Winter People” staring Kurt Russell. These buildings were in the movie.

When we learned this, we downloaded the movie and watched it that night. Movie was so-so at best but it was neat we were staying where a movie was shot.

In the morning we say goodby to North Carolina and hello to Virginia.

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