Posted by: Beemer Bob | July 1, 2015

On to Virginia

We say goodby to North Carolina (with Saint kicking and screaming) and head north to Virginia

There was a place in the tiny town of Meadow View, VA that has been writ up in Southern Living that Tree has always wanted to go to. Low and behold, we see the exit sign for Meadow View so we give it a shot. We find the place easily enough and there is a big spot across the street to park the RV, so all is good. Thee Saint is now happy and has forgiven me for leaving North Carolina.


We have a very nice meal in an interesting place and continue our journey.

After a long day of driving we arrive at our destination – Stoney Creek RV Resort in Greenville, VA.

We have arrived in time for the annual Blue Grass Music Festival. We set up site and head over to pavilion to listen to the music. We spend this night and all the next day to blue grass. By time this event was over I heard enough blue grass to last a lifetime but it was a fun event and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

One morning Tree and Froggy (Ky’s new name) head to nearby Staunton for the farmer’s market there. While at the market, there was a group playing, guess what kind of music?

Anyway, Froggy liked this blue grass band.

Froggy even talked them into a group picture with him front and center.

In the nearby county of Nelson, there is a state highway 151 that for some reason has a large collection of wineries, breweries, etc. the collection is called “Nelson 151”. We take a fun route that included the Blue Ridge Parkway and other fun roads.




While in Virginia, we also take a ride up Skyline drive.

The northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway is near us and where Blue Ridge leaves off, Skyline Drive picks up. Skyline is much like Blue Ridge but runs through the Shenandoah National Park. Some shots along the way


More to come…

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