Posted by: Beemer Bob | July 1, 2015

Sad, happy, sad, happy-part 2

One fine Virginia day we head to the town of Monroe to go visit an old friend. Monroe is a good distance away via the Blue Ridge Parkway. Any day riding the Blue Ridge is a good day.

Off the Blue Ridge, we find an interesting old church.

We reach our. destination in Monroe.

This is a little cafe that we accidentally found last year. This is a family operated cafe by some of the nicest people one could ever meet. The matriarch is Mary. Mary is 98 (I think) and she holds court at a large round table near the back. All are welcomed at her table and she loves to tell stories about her youth and this little pie shop.

Mary make pot holders to give away to her friends. I use the term friends loosely. Mary considers everyone her friend, but we still are proud to be considered her friends. Anyway, last year she gave Tree a potholder that she in turn gave to one of our sweet daughter-in-laws. So Mary gave Tree a new potholder made with love.

After our visit that included consumption of an ample amount of homemade pie, we head to the town of Amhurst. It is supposed to be a cute town plus there was a farmer’s market Saint wanted to go to. After we reach Amhurst, the heavens open up and we were caught in a heavy downpour. We duck into a restaurant for cover and a cup of coffee. After the rains paused, we tried to make a dash for home because the forecast looked like more was coming.

On the outskirts of town, the Goose sputters and dies in the middle of a major road. Got gas, all loots AOK, but there is no life in the engine department.

I am sad.

I call roadside assistance and am assured that someone will come within the next week or so. I am finally able to get Goose out of the road and to a store front.

I am sad.

I look up at the store sign and notice that I have broke down in front of an ice cream parlor.

I am happy.

I mean, if ya gotta breakdown, do it in front of an ice cream parlor

While waiting for roadside assistance I figure out that the storm had gotten water in the ignition switch. I take it apart and dry it out. Once reassembled Goose is ready to go. In the meantime, roadside assistance calls to tell me they have not been able to find anyone to come get us but they are still working on it. I tell them to screw off. The Saint, the Goose and I head home.

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